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Is a key service point for the global shipping industry, a major cruise destination and important centre for ship registration and finance.

·         Whilst we offer alternative ports for yacht registration, Gibraltar’s unique status as a full member of the European Union via its constituonal status with the UK makes it an ideal choice for most of our clients and allows a VAT free registration.

·         Every yacht witch is used in international water must be registered with a completent Port Authority to ensure its good standing and proper management of ownership details.




Alternative port for Yacht registration

Malta operates as advantageous leasing option whereby, if a lessee opts to purchase a craft at the end of the lease, due to the resultant decrease in value over the lease period, VAT can be at a significantly reduced rate.


  ·      Uopon payment, a VAT paid status certificate will be issued

·      Tthe vessel is free to be used in EU water at any time


We have a number of years experience in the provision of marine services, including: yacht registration, administration, offshore corporate ownership structure, tax and legal advice.



Save on VAT! Arrangements and registrations we will handle for you as to your wishes.